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Lotions and Creams  


Hand and Body Cream                  

This cream contains the same ingredients as the Light formula but it is thicker and weve just included more Shea and Mango butter. May contain Stearic Acid or Cetyl Alcohol (both are thickeners-vegetable source).

4 oz purse size 8.50               8 oz. 12.00              8 oz. with pump 12.50


Old Fashioned Rose Facial Cream    Cream on white.JPG (93930 bytes)

Rose has been known for its skin healing and softening properties for centuries. Weve used a generous portion of authentic Rose Water made from European Roses in this cream, along with healing butters and oils. It is very thick, buttery, and luscious. Dont forget to use this wonderful cream on your neck and hands (you should always treat your neck, upper chest and hands just as you do your face). Lightly scented.



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